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Adam Wallace
Author | Illustrator | Primary (All Years)

Adam Wallace is New York Times, USA Today and Amazon Bestselling author of the How to Catch series! As well as the Jackson Payne, Fartboy, Cowboy and Birdbrain and many more books.
Adam’s passion is to bring excitement, energy, humor and joy to children (of all ages!) through his books and school presentations.
He spends his non-writing time thinking about writing and going to as many live music shows as he can.
Adam is best suited to talks in primary schools which are interactive and fun, the children will be creating stories and will learn how to create their own cartoon characters with the assistance of the How to Draw series. 

Virtual visits available

No further bookings for Term 3 2022 available


Books by Adam Wallace

Why Won’t You Sleep?!

Can’t sleep? It can be hard to nod off sometimes. But don’t worry, we know just the thing to make you tired … What, still awake? Why won’t you sleep?!

COMING COON! Fart Club 1: Revenge of the Beans

Best Suited 6-12 Years
Martin Kennedy, aka Fartboy, has been awarded a scholarship to attend The Amazingly Fancy School of Excellence in Sparkle City. But there’s a catch … Sparkle City is under attack by alien beans out to get revenge for every bean that’s ever been eaten! Their only weakness? The human fart. But there are too many and Fartboy’s pong just isn’t enough. He must bring together a team of Fartastic super-farters! Can he unite their stink in time to save the planet from a beany end?

There’s a Bull Ant in the Bedroom

Best Suited 4-8 Years
There’s a bull ant in the bedroom, and it bit me on the bum. I screamed and flicked it out of there, and then it bit my mum! It’s not just a bull ant that’s causing chaos in this house. All kinds of wild animals are making a huge mess! Luckily there’s a brave hero ready to round the creatures up and put them in their place.

Fartboy 1: The First Sniff

Best Suited 6-12 Years
Martin Kennedy is the tidiest boy in the world’s tidiest town. Martin is so neat and clean that he has never ever farted–UNTIL NOW… A freak accident dooms Martin to a dreadful destiny of baked beans and bottom blowouts. With the help of the Grand Fart Master, can Martin learn to harness the power of his new skill and use it to save the day?

Fartboy 2: Ready, Aim, Fart!

Best Suited 6-12 Years
Everyone thinks Martin is the tidiest boy in town. They don’t know that he is also Fartboy—the STINKIEST super hero EVER . . . A disgustingly evil villain known as Madam Wax is terrorising Sparkletown with sticky sculptures made out of her own earwax. But Fartboy is determined to stop her with his super-powered butt-blasts. It’s a deadly battle of FARTS vs EARWAX. Who will triumph?

Fartboy 3: Enter the Spewtank

Best Suited 6-12 Years
The STINKIEST super hero EVER is about to meet his match. A lean, mean SPEWING machine is on the rampage… SPEWTANK is determined to take the shine off Sparkletown by covering everything in the chunkiest chunder EVER. Is this the end for the World’s Tidiest Town? Not if Fartboy can help it! The clean-living farting fury is ready for his YUCKIEST battle yet. You’ll be SPEWIN’ if you miss it!

Fartboy 4: Let It Rip!

Best Suited 6-12 Years
Martin is hot on the trail of his missing parents when he’s called on to become Fartboy, the world’s SMELLIEST super hero. A new doctor is in Sparkletown, and he is DISGUSTING. His cures are made from vacuum cleaner dust, mouldy cornflakes, crusty crumbs and filthy fur. Martin’s search for Mum and Dad is put on hold—only a fart a day keeps THIS doctor away!

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