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Andrew Daddo
Author | Primary (All Years) | Secondary (All Years)

Andrew Daddo has appeared on TV, presented radio programs, podcasts, appeared on stage, and even made a few movies but maybe best of all Andrew is an accomplished author. Andrew has written more than 25 books of various sizes, weights and colours. He has written picture books including When I Grow Up and the bestselling Goodnight, Me, as well as chapter books, and short story collections such as Sprung and Sprung Again. The highly acclaimed One Step was Andrew’s first venture into young adult novels, and was quickly followed by Just Breathe. His new illustrated fiction series Atticus Van Tasticus is 3 books full of pirating adventures.

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Books by Andrew Daddo

Atticus Van Tasticus

Best Suited for ages 6-10 years
As part of an ancient family tradition, young Atticus Van Tasticus narrowly escapes a life down the coal mines – or worse, going to school – when he gets to choose the gift of a pirate ship from his Grandnan’s treasure pile.

Atticus Van Tasticus 2: The Map of Half Maps

Best Suited for ages 6-10 years
ATTICUS VAN TASTICUS is back. And this time he means business. Having escaped certain disaster on the high seas, he’s on the scent of treasure.

Atticus Van Tasticus 3: The Treasure of Treasures

Best suited 6-10 years

With the Map of Half Maps finally in the hands of Atticus and his crew, the rest should be easy, right?
Wrong! Rattling skeletons, ghosts, monsters from the deep, killer sands and a boiling hot tub are just some of the obstacles between them and certain TREASURRRRRE!

Old Friends, New Friends

Best Suited for ages 4+ years
A brand-new school year! I can’t wait! Hang on … None of my old friends are in my new class … From the team who brought you First Day and When I Grow Up comes an empowering and relatable picture book about making friends and being yourself.

Just Breathe

Best Suited for ages 14+ years
Hendrix’s father has a vision – to see Hendrix run for Australia at the Olympics. His days are completely mapped out – what he eats, when he trains, when he sleeps, even the air he breathes.


Best Suited for ages 9-13 years
SPRUNG: caught out, in trouble, busted big time. Fergus likes to think that he’s an expert at lots of things: making funny videos, outsmarting parents, and eating a chocolate bar on a hot day (without having it melt all over you).

Sprung Again!

Best Suited for ages 9-13 years
Fergus just can’t stay out of trouble (most of the time it’s not even his fault, honest!). Whether he’s being babysat by his older sister, trying to teach a dog to fly or entering a farting competition, you can be sure that something – or maybe everything – will go horribly wrong.

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