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Coral Vass
Author | Primary (All Years) | Secondary (Years 7 - 10)

Coral Vass is an award-winning Australian children’s author of several books including Grandma’s Treasured ShoesMeet Don Bradman and Sorry Day, winner of the 2019 Eve Pownall Award for Information Books and Winner of the 2018 Speech Pathology Book of the Year – Best Book for Language and Literacy Development Indigenous Children Award.
With a background in media, Coral has always had a passion for telling stories and inspiring children with a love for literature. She dabbled in script writing, radio drama and video production, before working a decade in marketing and publications. In her school visits, Coral shares her passion for children’s picture books with storytelling and writing workshops that ignite imagination and help children create their very own stories.  

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Books by Coral Vass

COMING SOON! The Heartbeat of the Land

Best Suited 3+ years
Cathy ran barefoot every day across the great ancient land, as her people had done for sixty thousand years before. And when she ran, she could hear the heartbeat of the land. Ba Boom Ba Boom Ba Boom… Then one day, Cathy hears a cry. She answers this cry and, with one small step at a time, the seeds of change are planted. Cathy Freeman has always been an inspiration to young people. Here, she does it again, through storytelling – just as her people have done, for sixty thousand years before… Listen, and you too, will hear the Heartbeat of the Land.

Amanda Commander: The Pinky Promise

With the school’s Cross Country coming up, the Dolphin Squad puts together a plan to make it fun, even for Mai, who doesn’t like running. But when the race starts, and the plan goes out the window, and Amanda has to decide whether to go to Districts with the rest of the squad, or stop to help someone.

Amanda Commander and the Purple Invitation

When every girl in Year Three gets an invitation to Eves birthday party except Amanda, Amanda makes a plan, with the help of the Dolphin Squad, to win herself an invitation before the week is through. Its OPERATION INVITATION! Amanda tries everything to make Eve like her and get an invitation to the party, until she finally learns its more important to be kind, not for what you can get but because of who you are.

Peek and Boo

Best Suited 4+ Years
Peek and Boo always sit side by side and together, they make a forever-home. One day an egg appears, but when Peek goes to hunt for food and leaves Boo in charge of the egg, something unexpected happens.

The Perfectly Proper Grand Pet Parade

Best Suited 3-9 Years
Lavender and her friends can’t wait to bring their pets into school for the Perfectly Proper Grand Pet Parade. Everything is perfect until a troublesome two start scheming!

Sorry Day

WINNER of the CBCA Eve Pownal award for information books 2019!
2020 YABBA Shortlisted

Best Suited for ages 7+ years
There was a hum of excitement.
Flags flickered in the breeze as Maggie’s heart danced with delight.
‘This is a very special day!’ her mother said.

Meet… Don Bradman

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
A picture book series about the extraordinary men and women who have shaped Australia’s history, including cricket’s greatest ever batsman, Sir Donald Bradman.

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