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Heath McKenzie
Author | Illustrator | Primary (Prep - Year 6)

Heath McKenzie is an author and illustrator who lives and works in a very small suburb in Victoria, and has worked with numerous clients and publishers to publish over 100 titles worldwide. His work is entirely freehand while also being entirely digital. He does his very best to keep it as ‘real’ as possible and tends to be successful at that more often than not. Along with illustrating (which he’s been doing professionally since 2003) titles such as ‘Seriously Do Not Open This Book’ and writing (which he’s been getting away with since 2013) titles such as ‘The Amazing Never-Ending Book’ and ‘1-10 Aussie Counting Book’ he’s also managed to sneak in the odd bit of design work along the way. 

Heath’s talks are best suited to primary school students, as he focuses on visual storytelling and how it defines a character design and then illustrating the text. 


Heath at Lamont’s Author Afternoon 2019

Books by Heath McKenzie

COMING SOON! Can You Do This?

A hilarious new book, where sibling rivalry is the name of the game. Sometimes, when you’re the littlest in the family, you can feel a bit second rate. I mean, everyone knows that big kids are better at everything. Like, EVERYTHING! I mean, they are . . . aren’t they?

Who Do You Go For?

In life, there are many big questions.
Are bigfoots really real? Are tomatoes really fruit?
But there’s one question that’s more important than all the others …

Who do you GO for?

Follow one young footy fan’s journey to find out which team they should go for, and why!

Now That’s a Hat!

Best Suited for ages 5-10 years
That hat is too BIG! That hat is too SMALL! That hat is too SHORT! That hat is too TALL! That one’s too CRAZY! And that one might BITE! How hard can it be to find a hat that’s JUST RIGHT?!

A Banana is a Banana

Best suited 3-8 Years
Join the band for some fun with words and rhymes in this laugh-out-loud picture book based on the award-winning song ‘A Banana is a Banana’.

Archie the Arty Sloth

Best Suited for ages 3+ years
Archie is a sloth. But while most sloths like to doze and laze around, Archie always wants to be busy! How does a one-of-a-kind sloth accept that it’s okay to stand out from the crowd?

Arthur and the What-Ifs

Arthur is a dog with a secret. More than anything in the world he loves to play his violin, but he’s too scared to do it in public because, well, what if ?

Do Not Open This Book

Best Suited for ages 5-8 years
This guy will do anything for you not to open this book! Threats, bribes, reverse psychology – you name it!

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