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J.A. Henderson
Secondary Lower Years (Years 7 – 8) | Secondary Middle Years (Years 9 – 10) | Secondary Senior Years (Years 11 – 12)

J A Henderson (Jan-Andrew) Henderson is the author of 30 books. His novels have been short listed for thirteen literary awards and he is the winner of The Royal Mail and Doncaster Prizes. His books have been published in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany and the Czech Republic.


Books by J.A. Henderson

A Town Called Library

Best Suited  10+ Years
Four giant underground Forts were meant to repopulate a plague ravaged planet, until one went rogue and enslaved the survivors.
Now, after two centuries, there is finally a pocket of resistance.
A community of book obsessed farmers, led by a disabled outlaw and seven mysterious teenagers, with an insane battle plan.
All holed up in a town called Library.

Waiting for the Train that Never Comes

Best Suited 13+ Years
Bobby Berlin’s father wakes up convinced the year is 1979 and he’s a teenage fugitive called Dodd Pollen.
Fleeing the city with his reluctant son in tow they find the countryside inexplicably deserted.
And Bobby realises just how dangerous Dodd Pollen is…

Bunker 10

Best Suited 13+Years
Beneath Pinewood research facility is Bunker 10
holding the two most dangerous creatures on earth
A little girl and a mouse
And now they’ve escaped


Best Suited 13+ Years
Fifteen teens are trapped in a zoo where the animals have mysteriously gotten loose
Smarter and stronger than they should be, they’re working together to kill humans.
It’s going to be carnage

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