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Jacqueline Harvey
Author | Primary (Prep - Year 6)

Jacqueline Harvey worked in schools for many years but has had a passion for storytelling since she was a child. 

She is the author of the popular Alice-Miranda and Clementine Rose series, which have sold over one million copies in Australia alone. Her books have received numerous short-listings and awards while her picture book, The Sound of the Sea, was a CBCA Honour Book. 

Jacqueline speaks to thousands of young people at schools and festivals around the world, and says the characters in her books are often made up of the best bits of children she’s met over the years. While she is not a twin, like Kensy and Max she does have excellent powers of observation and has always thought she’d make a great spy. 


Books by Jacqueline Harvey

Alice-Miranda in the Outback #19

Best suited 9-11 years

Alice-Miranda and her friends are off to the Australian Outback! They’re going to help an old family friend who’s found himself short staffed during cattle mustering season. The landscape is like nothing else – wide open and dusty red as far as the eye can see.

Breaking News – Kensy and Max #1

2020 YABBA Shortlisted
Best Suited for ages 9-11 years

What would you do if you woke up in a strange place? If your whole life changed in the blink of an eye and you had no idea what was going on?

Disappearing Act – Kensy and Max #2

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
Thankfully, a school trip to Rome provides a welcome distraction. Amid the history and culture of Italy’s capital, they discover a runaway boy and whisperings of Mafia involvement.

Undercover – Kensy and Max #3

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
Kensy and Max are back in London for no time at all before things begin to heat up – quite literally. As a result, Granny Cordelia ships them off to Australia on an undercover mission.

Out of Sight – Kensy and Max #4

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
Kensy and Max are gearing up for their first Pharos review, a rite of passage with no room for failure. But juggling studies and the spy life isn’t without its complications.

Freefall – Kensy and Max #5

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
Back at Alexandria, with their friend Curtis Pepper visiting, Kensy and Max are enjoying the school break. Especially when Granny Cordelia surprises them with a trip to New York! It’s meant to be a family vacation, but the twins soon realise there’s more to this holiday than meets the eye.

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