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R.A. Spratt
Author | Primary (Years 2 - 6)

R.A. Spratt is a best-selling author and television writer. She is the author of the Nanny Piggins series, the Friday Barnes series, and more recently The Peski Kids series. In addition to her many books, she has also written for dozens of different television shows. In recent years she has specialised mainly in children’s animation, but she has also had extensive experience writing jokes, sketch comedy and political satire. 

In her talks, Rachel does a dynamic presentation with dramatic readings, stories and plenty of opportunity to ask questions. She is best suited to sessions with Grades 2- 6 but can tailor her talk to suit all students. 



22nd-23rd June
(Further dates available on request)

Books by R.A. Spratt

The Final Mission- The Peski Kids #5

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
With a team of international super spies hunting them down, The Peski Kids’ orders are simple – act normal. But for Joe, Fin, April and Loretta that mission is impossible.

Tensions run high when their mum moves in and starts spotting enemy agents behind every corner in Currawong. Should The Peski Kids get out of town? Of course they should! But they’re not going to. Not when there’s a potato festival to celebrate.

The Mystery of the Squashed Cockroach – The Peski Kids #1

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
Life is hard enough without having to spend time with your siblings. But there is no other way for Joe, Fin and April Peski to solve the mystery of the cockroach catastrophes that is rocking their new home town of Currawong.

The Bear in the Woods – The Peski Kids #2

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
No one believes April saw an enormous bear in the woods. No one thinks Fin didn’t break the Cat Lady’s foot. No one wants to know why Loretta bought Dad new underwear.

Stuck in the Mud – The Peski Kids #3

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
Chaos parachutes into Currawong when the annual Mud Run hits town. The Peski kids are soon swept up in the festivities.

Near Extinction – The Peski Kids #4

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
A surprise intruder, a school excursion and hair-raising bus ride . . . could this be the end for The Peski Kids?

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins #1

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
Nanny Piggins, the world’s most glamorous flying pig, runs away from the circus and goes to live with the Greens as their nanny. The Green children, Derrick, Samantha and Michael, fall in love with her instantly.

Nanny Piggins And The Wicked Plan #2

Best Suited for ages 8-11 years
Mr Green wants to get married so he can sack Derrick, Samantha and Michael beloved nanny, Nanny Piggins. Obviously their father has to be stopped, and Nanny Piggins is just the pig to do it.

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