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Serena Geddes
Author | Illustrator | Primary (All Years)

Serena is an international book illustrator with over forty titles published in Australia and overseas, ranging from board books to picture books and junior novels, including the highly successful ‘Lulu Bell’ series. Her first author-illustrated picture book Rosie and Rasmus was published in 2019 and followed by Where the Dragons live  in 2020. Prior to dabbling in the world of picture books and creative office jobs, Serena spent six years working for Walt Disney Animation in Sydney with a group of talented artists on sequels to The Lion KingPeter Pan Return to NeverlandLady and the Tramp and Jungle Book. 

Serena is a visual story teller and drawing forms a key component of all her talks. 

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  Serena presenting her new book ‘Rosie and Rasmus’ at the CBCAs Night of Our Stars event 2018.

Books by Serena Geddes

Where the Dragons Live

Best Suited 4+ Years
A young dragon discovers how to be his true self with some help from his human girl best friend in this sweetly earnest sequel to the “charming”  Rosie and Rasmus.

Rosie and Rasmus

Best Suited for ages 4+ years
Two kindred spirits-a lonely young girl and a solitary young dragon-find each other and discover the power and magic of friendship in this sweetly simple picture book. Every day, Rosie waits and watches as children play together, laugh and share stories, hoping she can join in the fun and make a new friend.

Pepper Creek Ponies 1- A New Friend

Best Suited for ages 7-14 Years
When Abby moves from the city to the country, she misses her old life. Despite her fear of horses, she visits Pepper Creek Pony Club in the hope of making friends. But Abby quickly learns that being a horse-girl is harder than she thought. Will Abby ever make a new friend?

Pepper Creek Ponies 2- Riding Out

Best Suited for ages 7-14 Years
Shelley is ready for an overnight riding adventure! Shelley can’t wait for the Pony Club Ride Out—three days and nights of riding and camping under the stars. But the week before the big event, her pony, Banjo, starts limping. Will Shelley be stuck at home while her friends have the adventure of a lifetime?

COMING SOON! Pepper Creek Ponies 3- To The Rescue

Best Suited 7-14 Years
Abby can’t believe she is finally going to get her own pony! But Piper has a bad feeling about the farm they visit, so she comes up with a plan. But will Abby need a pony at all when Pepper Creek Pony Club might shut down?

Rusty, Buster and Patch versus the Opera

Best Suited 5-10 years
Rusty, Buster and Patch versus the Opera is the first book in a series about three brothers who love to have fun … unfortunately this is at odds with their mother, who wants them to be classy.

Lulu Bell and the Birthday Unicorn

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
It s almost time for Lulu s little sister s birthday party. But there s a problem! A pony is running loose and Lulu and her dad, the local vet, have to rescue it.

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