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Tim Harris
Author | Primary Years (Years 2 - 6)

Tim Harris’s first series of books, Exploding Endings, features captivating and laugh-out-loud funny short stories for primary-aged readers. The first book in the series, Painted Dogs and Doom Cakes, was awarded Honour Book at the 2017 KOALAs. His second series, Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables, contains his trademark quirkiness mixed with a touch of poignancy. The first book in the series was a CBCA Notable Book for Younger Readers in 2018, and was shortlisted for the 2018 REAL Awards.  

A former primary school teacher of 15 years, Tim is an advocate for creativity and short stories, and his presentations and workshops are dynamic and entertaining. Tim’s talks are best suited to Years 2 – 6. 

Tour Dates: Tim will be in Victoria from 14th – 18th October 2019 
*** Hurry only 2 days left!


Books by Tim Harris

COMING SOON! Fully Booked – Toffle Towers #1

Toffle Towers hotel has been run by a Toffle for over one hundred years – and it’s about to be inherited by the next generation.

Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables

He’s the first teacher to cook us breakfast.
Is his spark-maker beetle really that dangerous?

Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables Fight Back

I wish Mr Bambuckle would come back.
Who will cook us breakfast now?
Miss Frost gave me detention just for answering a question.

Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables Go Wild

Meet your new assistant principal – Miss Frost!
Uh-oh, that’s not good.
At least we’re away on camp.

Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables on the Lookout

Vex is gone! We have to find him. But how? He could be anywhere. We’ll have to track him down. That’s impossible. Not if we work together! Mr Bambuckle and the class in room 12B are in trouble. Can they find Vex before it’s too late?

Exploding Endings Book 1: Painted Dogs and Doom Cakes

Exploding Endings will have young readers laughing aloud and wondering where each story will lead.

Exploding Endings Book 2: Dingbats and Lollypop Arms

Have you ever been followed home by a giant, psychotic seagull? What are the 79 craziest excuses for talking in class?

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